Akiko Suwanai won the International Tchaikovsky Competition as the youngest winner in 1990. She has performed with the Boston
Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestre de Paris, the New York Philharmonic, and the Philadelphia Orchestra. She also
participated in Japan tours of foreign orchestras such as the North German Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestre de Paris.
Akiko gave the world premiere of the Peter Eötvös’ Violin Concerto “Seven” at the Lucerne Festival in September 2007.
Since then, she has performed the premiere all over the world. On top of that, she participated in Berliner Festwochen,
made her debut in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, and performed under conductors like
Charles Dutoit, Pierre Boulez, Vladimir Ashkenazy, and Paavo Järvi.



The International Music Festival NIPPON is held in the city center
under the wish to add a joy of listening to the classical music to people’s daily life.
We have built the “Four Pillars” to bring pleasures to wide range of people who have various classical music experiences.

Introduction & Education

“Commission to Composers of Our Time” As an active musician of this time, Akiko Suwanai commissions a new piece to a contemporary composer and introduces the attraction.
“Master Class” This master class provides rich contents reflecting Suwanai’s own experience that high level instruction in early age helps you acquire “world class skills”.
“Concert for KIDs” By offering the opportunity to infants to listen to a classical music concert with their parents, the International Music Festival NIPPON hopes that as they grow up, these children will come to consider classical music as an everyday entertainment. The festival will deliver music to all generation.

Collaboration with the Arts

By giving concerts in venues such as museums or noh theatres, the International Music Festival NIPPON aims to erase the boundaries between the different genres (fine arts, theatre, cinema, music, etc.) and attract art lovers of every kind.

Top Quality

Akiko Suwanai, the artist director and performer, creates each concert going through intensive discussions and dialogues with top class artists.

Charity & Heart

The International Music Festival NIPPON holds a Charity Concert with the hope that music would become a source of vitality for all those who were affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Through the concert,the festival aims to offer tranquil time and energy for tomorrow to the audience.


MESSAGE FROM THE ARTISTIC DIRECTOR For the Future of Music - Let us weave our dreams -

It is my great honor that the 3rd International Music Festival “NIPPON” will be held
in Nagoya, Yokohama, and Koriyama. Since receiving the 1st prize of the International
Tchaikovsky Competition in 1990, my artistic career was enriched by numerous
chances of performance with orchestras and artists around the world, and it also brought
many people into my life. The four pillars of the festival concept are “Top Quality”,
“Introduction & Education”, “Collaboration with the Arts”, and “Charity & Heart”.
Through the festival in which I am aiming to introduce new pieces by composers of our time
and to share my experience and knowledge that I have cultivated in my life path,
I would like to contribute to the development of the art and music culture hoping
young people to take over my dreams.
Please look forward to the International Music Festival NIPPON stepping forward
to the next dimension.
諏訪内 晶子

芸術監督・諏訪内 晶子の本音楽祭への思い